My Issue With Social Media

img_1392This year has been the year of reconnecting with myself. Since being out of a “job” since January I have been living a roller coaster of emotions. One thing I have discovered is that I don’t miss radio as much as I miss the people. Radio had been an interesting ride. But now is not the time to return to it. It’s taken me almost eleven months to finally realize that the work I need to be doing is on myself. I have been so unplugged and out of touch.

I had a conversation recently with a former co-worker who is still employed in radio. It’s a rarity these days. My friend asked the question, “Why don’t I have any friends”? I said, “Because you work in radio. You live in a studio all day talking to people in their car and posting stupid crap on Social Media seven days a week!”

As a radio personality or “DJ” you live eat and breathe it. Besides Social Media there is the personal appearances, remotes, club gigs and whatever else you need to do to be out in the public. We are required to be active on all social media all the time. Not just personal social media but also the radio stations. There’s Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and whatever else that exists. It’s a job that is 365 days a year. It doesn’t stop.

I said to someone the other day that most radio stations today higher “DJ’s” based on how many followers they have on Social Media rather than if they have on-air experience. Sad. But it’s the truth. The point I’m getting at is that now the job doesn’t even require you to have talent. They just want your time and personal life in exchange for pictures of you eating French Fries, some memes and a Gif or two. There’s no time to develop meaningful, solid relationships because of this. Radio personalities have fans, listeners, groupies and acquaintances. Every so often a few of your listeners become your friend, but it’s very rare.

I still love broadcasting but I’ve learned my self-value. I’m not interested in being a slave to Social Media or any company that does not value the time it takes to do the job while I sacrifice friendships and even serious relationships including having a long lasting partner to share my life with. Luckily that is the one thing I do have but almost gave it up for radio. How stupid would that have been? I’m passing the torch to the next kid who wants to be disillusioned with pop drizzle.

I am slowly disconnecting from things that are not important. I started by deleting the Facebook App off my phone so I won’t check it every five seconds. We also removed one of four TV’s from our home. There will be more to go soon. I’m getting back to the basics and embracing friends, family and my higher power in 2017.


Hello and Welcome Back

This is my first blog post in about four years. Since leaving Radio One I had the honor of returning to where my career started when I was 18 years old, 99.5 WZPL-FM. After a successful stint back there I decided to do a morning show on a county radio station just outside of Indianapolis. To say the least it wasn’t a good fit for me.

The last eleven months I have had time to reflect on my career and think about what I want to do next. Never say, never. But now is not the time for me to return to radio. I hope that one day I will. I have mastered the art of talking up songs and being witty. I feel that now in this moment I need to take my gift in a more meaningful direction with purpose and intent. My intent here is not to sway you with my point of view or to make you believe one thing or another. It’s simply a dialog with myself and with you.

To be continued…


Goodbye to Indy’s Music Channel

JJ's Band on the 'Awardless Award Show' on IMC-TV. (JJ and Deacon Onair)

JJ’s Band on the ‘Awardless Award Show’ on IMC-TV. (JJ and Deacon Onair)

Over the last ten years I have I been blessed to be on the radio in my home town and I have also had the opportunity to host a television show on (WDNI-TV) IMC – Indy’s Music Channel. It is with great sadness that today will be my last show on IMC. Due to budget issues and lack of advertising dollars it is time to say goodbye.

I can’t even begin to express what a fun and exciting journey it has been to not only host several shows on IMC (Instant Access and The Tease) but it has been a dream come true to be the Music Director for this television station.

As my General Manager said, “As one door closes, another one opens.” Very true, but still very sad. I always believed we could make it work. In some instances it did.

The laughs we had when we did the ‘IMC Awardless Award Show’ and the drama we had when we gave away a wedding. True TV magic! Nothing like this had ever been done locally in Indianapolis. So for me to say I was a part of IMC is an unbelievable honor.

Thank you so much for all the support and love that you all have shown over the last ten years. I can only hope and pray I will return in some manner on Indianapolis Television.

A special that you to Dan McNeal my Program Director who believed in me; Lisa my Producer for her diligence and love; Steve for putting up with me and making sure all the music videos were in every week; David who always had an idea and made it happen; Jennifer for her passion and making the sound perfect; Doug for making me mad and laugh with his stupid jokes. And last but not least thanks to Deon. If it wasn’t for him IMC would have never come to life.

Much Love,